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Nancy Lopez Golf is dedicated to “Defining the Women’s Game™” through leading products and activities that enhance the complete golf experience for women. The brand embodies the spirit and energy of women’s golf and it’s namesake, Nancy Lopez, who has captured the imagination of people everywhere with her remarkable playing career and the genuine warmth of her charm. All Nancy Lopez Golf products are developed using cutting-edge technology, quality design and materials, and a commitment to innovative customer service.


Nancy Lopez is indisputably the most famous and recognizable women in golf. Since she exploded onto the LPGA Tour in 1977, the women’s game has yet to enjoy another superstar of Lopez’ caliber of performance & personality.

Nancy Lopez is revered for the excellence of her performance inside the tournament ropes. At the same time, she is adored for her natural ability to reach out and touch the hearts of her fans in a real and effortless manner. The essence of Nancy Lopez – a world-class athlete, a dedicated wife, a mother of three daughters, a person with true heart and soul – makes her a rare and special woman who can lay claim to an indelible mark in the history books, as well as in the hearts of those who follow her.


A four-time LPGA Player of the Year, and a three-time Vare Trophy winner for lowest scoring average, Lopez is still the only women to have won the LPGA Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year and Vare Trophy in the same season. That unprecedented performance served as the springboard to the trail of victories that earned her entrance into the prestigious LPGA Hall of Fame in 1987, after just 10 years on Tour. She is still the youngest player to have been inducted into the elusive Hall, and to date, as won almost 50 titles.

With a remarkable amateur career under her belt, which began when she won the New Mexico Women’s Amateur Championship at the ripe age of 12, Nancy Lopez changed the face of women’s golf in 1978 when she stormed to a record nine rookie Tour victories, including an unmatched streak of five in a row.